Swift Taylor: Speak Now

Swift Taylor: Speak NowTwenty-year-old American country singer and songwriter Taylor Swift latest album “Speak Now” was just released on October 25 on Big Machine Records.

Taylor Swift is the youngest singer named the Artist of the Year at the American Music Awards. She was also awarded with four Grammy Awards.

After her 2008 multiplatinum album “Fearless,” this pretty girl wrote a concept album. To whom are these words addressed?

Taylor worked on “Speak Now” album for two years. It is not just a mix of styles, it describes a crucial step of a teenager into the life of grown-ups.

All of the “Speak Now” album’s songs are autobiographical, the lyrics are all written by Taylor. You can see Taylor herself in every single word of these new songs, and “Speak Now” is probably one of the most emotional albums ever released by her.

Taylor Swift’s latest album contains 14 songs, and the opening one is “Mine.” This is a soft, poppy teenage song with a shade of light rock. “Sparks Fly” — another song from Taylor’s new album — seems to be coming out of a grown woman’s mouth. In “Back to December,” she relives her high school years and apologizes to somebody for breaking his heart with the lyrics, “I’m sorry for that night…”

For me, “The Story of Us” is one of the greatest songs from theSpeak Now” album , since it’s in the heavy style I like a lot.

“Last Kiss” is slow and gentle, with the piano’s alluring sounds and soft drums playing in the lines like “I don’t know how to be something you miss/ Never thought we’d have a last kiss.”

Taylor says that all the songs from this album contain “words I didn’t say when the moment was right in front of me.” So, when saying “Speak Now,” she seems to be addressing herself.

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Swift Taylor: Speak Now
October 27, 2010